My Old Dutch are an explosive, Lo-Fi, 50’s inspired rock’n’roll two-piece, with a crunching wall of guitars, soaring melodies and thumping beats.

Two stalwarts of the Melbourne rock music scene met one night – by chance – and had an idea.

Their paths had crossed many moons ago, their mutual musical appreciation had not yet waned, nor their love of rock’n’roll.

So what do you do when all rock’n’roll has come and gone, when all that has to be said has been said and all that’s done has been done to death?

You go right back to the start and drag that shit kicking and jiving all the way back to the 21st century…..and you call it My Old Dutch.

Melbourne’s explosive new two-piece – My Old Dutch – bash out 50’s rock’n’roll inspired, curious tales of love lost, found and stolen.

Frontman Dave Gogerly’s (Blackseed, Mushroom Giant) crunching wall of sound guitars perfectly compliment his soaring melodies and clever lyrics, while drummer Kristian Popczyk (.hinge, Red Sky Burial) lays the bed of beats that’ll have your head nodding, toes tapping and your heart racing.

My Old Dutch!

It’s old but it’s so damn new!

It’s the music that your grandfather used to warn your mother not to listen to…..because he knew that it was cool!